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Digital transformation in aerospace industry

ATONIS helps you to become a digital extended enterprise in aerospace industry.

The aerospace industry, as in all industry, is one the way of its next transformation by using the power of digital business and technology opportunities. The use of digital technologies should extend to engineering, manufacturing, assembly, maintenance, and customer service. The true value of digital will be achieved when companies define and adopt digital capabilities and services that generate more value for their customers and extended enterprises.

To achieve the transition smoothly to a digital extended company, you should firstly understand the power of the cloud, then identify value-creating activities and finally define your digital transformation. It covers various aspects of transformation such as people, processes, technology, regulations and governance. For each company this transformation will look different depending on which digital capabilities help drive value for customers and their extended enterprise.

Aerospace is a specific industry with complex processes, globalized operating models, with strong specificity as data security and certification. Digital technologies such as analytics and mobility, aim to improve profitability and visibility into potential problems. Using digital collaboration, analytics and product and process simulation together improve decision making, give cost-effective advantage and have the greatest positive impact in managing all actors involved in the process when products are developed, tested, manufactured and supplied.

The technologies are starting to demonstrate their power to transform aerospace industry into more dynamic, agile and intelligent one. ATONIS, based on its digital technologies expertise, drives your digital transformation by focusing on its integration with your existing systems and processes.


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