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Digital solutions


We provide Digital Consulting and Training in private and public sectors. We provide our services in the field of the uses and practices of Internet and in the field of digital and corporate strategy.

Government digital policies in the field of the Uses (Practices) of Internet

Consulting since 2005 for the DUI (French Internet Usages Delegation) for many ministries.

Consulting since 2014 for the French Agency of the Digital technology of the Ministry of the Economy and the Digital Economy.

Digital & Corporate Strategy

We provide expertise for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and for French Education Ministry for International E-learning network settlement.
We provide consulting for start-up companies in the field of Fund raising and Strategy of development (French Tech network, Technological Center (incubator), French High Scool called Mines Telecom)

Digital Training

Trainer of Trainer for the implementation of solution E-learning - French Institute Nursing Care, French Red Cross, School of educative Instructor

Teacher Master II Communication and digital technology CELSA - Sorbone university / Engineering school of Mines Telecom.

Teaching IT company strategy, piloting projects using expert simulator - Engineering school of Mines -Telecom.

Teaching Administration System (Linux, Windows) - French Chamber of commerce and industry

Teaching Web Marketing and Website design - French Chamber of commerce and industry

Design of national portals (gates) dedicated to Digital centers promotion

Open Data Solution of meta Directory providing the following information:

  • Digital Promotion Centers location
  • Actors of the Social Economy networks
  • Government & Administration public consultation

Implementation of a collaborative platform for the state of Languedoc - Roussillon for the Social Enterprises (Feder program) dedicated for helping people to go-back to employment. The portal provides documentary sharing and support guides for the creation and the development of Social Enterprises.

Our solutions

We have developed around 500 IT projects and offers services to 100 customers. We offer packaged, specific and functional solutions. We are specialized in the management of contents, the management of customer relationship and the optimization of the working processes.

Adapt-Easy: FrameWork Web 2.0

Our solution of software application design is packaged with Adapt-Easy, it has modules which quickly interface with an intuitive handling.

Adapt-Easy is an effective solution that offers various kind of services to their customer by benefiting from a mature engine based on the model of an Open source CMS and specific business solution proposed under Open Share contracts.

A disruptive innovation: Adapt-Search

Adapt-Search is an innovative engine search solution and decision-making support. Adapt Search is the perfect example of Visual mining,it is the search engine of the future.

Our nine years of research and development on intuitive management tool of documentary archives and on data search and indexation using ergonomic mechanisms "User Friendly“ have created Adapt-Search, a Web application which allows to select "meta information": associations of ideas, trends, interrelations by circle concentric interconnected elements.
This tool could be plugged, for example, with any web site that want to make innovating its search engine of products. We can us Adapt -Easy in many multi-domains and multiplatform applications.

Photoschool: a specific app for school photography

Since 7 years already, our partner ATONIS set up a complete solution for school photographers and printing labs. It is the most complete solution in the world dedicating to school photography actors.

Innovation Atonis S.S.E. - Social Solidarity Economy

Innovation is about creating and successfully applying new ideas and is about turning new ideas and concepts into something that will create value. Innovation can occur in any aspect of your business and value can be commercial, social or organizational.

ATONIS identifies strategies and ways to increase innovation. ATONIS helps you:

  • to develop new products or services, to enhance existing products or services, and to bring technological innovation,
  • to apply an innovative approach to improve operational processes in your business,
  • to market and promote your offering, your pricing strategies, your distribution channels, and the innovative ways you increase your customer base and expand markets.
  • to analyze opportunities in new structural and/or financial model and/or strategic partnerships such as collaboration with clients, collaboration with distributors, collaboration with suppliers, collaboration with research and collaboration with employees.

ATONIS believes in what we call the OPEN SHARE. We share our expertise, data, networks with a win-win objective.

We base our relation on simple and universal values:

  • justice,
  • equity,
  • sustainable development,
  • conservation of the natural environment,
  • complementarity,
  • respect for the differences,
  • value creation sharing,
  • knowledge sharing,
  • transmission of a better world to the next generation.
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