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Aerospace services


Aerospace is a specific industry with complex processes and globalized operating models. We have acquired strong experience by working on strategic & challenging projects in relation with engineering / manufacturing center development, revenue optimization, skills improvement & teams training. We have developed engineering skills on the entire aircraft life cycle:

  • aerospace general studies & modeling,
  • design engineering and system development,
  • validation, verification and certification,
  • industrialization & manufacturing engineering,
  • after sales and in-service product support.

We are able to adapt to new environment, new technologies & cultural specificity. Aerospace is an industry with strong specificity. We have developed a network of experts in order to answer any specific needs.

Our Team, Project and Program Management Skills covers the following items:

  • Organization definition, general management
  • Business development,
  • People & Team Spirit development
  • Project Establishment
  • Resource management
  • Mission definition
    • Monitoring and control (Customer Satisfactory, On time delivery, Right First Time, Efficiency indicators management)
    • Risk & Opportunity Management
    • Continuous Quality Improvement
    • Quality & Certification Training management
    • Lean Projects (SQCDP – KAIZEN)
    • Configuration Management

We are product and process oriented. We provide services associated to:

  • the product life cycle: R&D, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, maintenance, and customer service,
  • the company internal process management: HR, employees training, knowledge share, resources optimization

ATONIS, based on its 19 years’ aerospace expertise, drives your aerospace projects with cost effectiveness and a long-term vision focusing on process and methodologies management.

Consulting Services

We offer services dedicated to Aerospace projects. We answer the needs of our customers on complex aerospace program management. These expectations can be categorized into five distinct and complementary areas:

    Aerospace Program, projects & risks management
  • Aerospace System design & Certification
  • Aerospace Organization Quality Certification (DOA, POA, EN9100)
  • Aircraft Final Assembly Line Ground test concept definition
  • Aircraft redelivery services

ATONIS ME services are:

  • Feasibility study, concept definition, creation of technical proposal
  • Product development & certification
  • Project management (team & risk management, budget & planning follow-up)
  • Organization set-up & development (training management)
  • Coordination with stakeholders, suppliers, authorities, …

Here below, some of our aerospace projects:

Set-up an Aerospace Design Office in DUBAI, UAE

  • Budget (2M$ per year) / Planning / Resource / Risk management
  • Infrastructure (IT) Development
  • Team recruitment, training
  • Skills development
  • Engineering Deliverable Monitoring & Control

AKKA MIDDLE EAST EN9100 Certification (DUBAI, UAE)

  • Project Manager
  • Realize Process Owner
  • All Processes Checker (Sales, Management, IT, Procurement, Non-conformity, Continuous Improvement, Audit)
  • Team Training

Flight Warning System Development

  • Study, design modification, Verification & Validation follow-up (Simulation, Flight, Ground and laboratory tests), update of certification document, update or review of AIRBUS documentation (FCOM, QRH, MMEL, FM, TSM, AMM)
  • Operational support for Display Management computer (DMC), Display Unit (DU), System Data Acquisition Concentrator (SDAC), Flight Warning Computer (FWC) and ECAM Control Panel (ECP)
  • Training and skills improvement of the offshore team in Dubai
  • Management and follow-up of new FWC and SDAC standards from the pre-study to the certification milestones
  • Management, follow-up and answer of in-service support queries on EIS and FWS (SA & LR) (up to 750 questions by year)

Trouble Shooting Manuals Definition (MITAC)

  • Aircraft system analysis
  • FMEA analysis
  • Trouble Shooting procedures design
  • Trouble Shooting Training

Production Time Reduction (AIRBUS Final Assembly Line)

  • Manufacturing works orders analysis (mechanical installation, electrical installation and tests procedures)
  • Work orders schedule analysis and optimization
  • Test procedures automation (test tool design)
  • Reduction by 30% of the production cycle

Certify the New Flight Management System Data Base Generation Process (AIRBUS)

  • Define the Master plan for the independent certification of database under new regulation RTCA/DO-200A, Standards for Processing Aeronautical Data (equivalent to EUROCAE ED-76)
  • Liaise with regulation authority (DGAC)
  • Project management with all involved parties (Suppliers (Thales & Smiths Industries), Airbus technical, logistical, documentation & configuration teams)

Aircraft Recovery / Transactions

  • Perform the records & physical inspections
  • Preparation and presentation of aircraft records for re-delivery
  • Perform "audits" for mid-term lease inspection
  • Analyze of leasing contract and commitment letter clauses
  • Focal point during aircraft transaction. Liaise with all involved parties

Regarding the implementation of Aerospace specific software application, ATONIS ME AERO division works in partnership with ATONIS ME IT division. Our software solutions are based on simplicity, user friendly and easy integration into the operator's environment.

Aerospace IT

ATONIS helps you to become a digital extended enterprise in aerospace industry.

The aerospace industry is one the way of its next transformation by using the power of digital business and technology opportunities.

Aerospace is a specific industry with complex processes, globalized operating models, with strong specificity as data security and certification. The use of digital technologies should extend to all activities associated to

  • the product life cycle: R&D, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, maintenance, and customer service,
  • the company internal process management: HR, employees training, knowledge share, resources optimization

Digital technologies such as analytics and mobility, aim to improve profitability and visibility into potential problems.

The use of

  • digital collaboration,
  • analytics and data mining,
  • product and process simulation

together improve

  • decision making,
  • give cost-effective advantage

and have the greatest positive impact in managing all actors involved in the process when products are developed, tested, manufactured and supplied.

The technologies are starting to demonstrate their power to transform aerospace industry into more dynamic, agile and intelligent one.

ATONIS, based on its 15 years’ digital technologies expertise, drives your digital transformation by focusing on its integration with your existing systems and processes.

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